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Friday, July 27, 2007

آل سيمبسون

Here is what some prominent Syrian political figures might look like as characters on The Simpsons:
Hafez Assad - حافظ الأسد

Bashar Assad - بشار الأسد

Antoun Saadeh - أنطون سعادة

Abdul Halim Khaddam - عبدالحليم خدّام

Assef Chawkat - آصف شوكت

Rami Makhlouf - رامي مخلوف

note: thanks to Wassim for pointing out correctly that Farid Ghadry is not a prominent figure. In fact, he's not really Syrian either. But as Wassim notes in the comments, the representation is accurate.


Shibl Mourad said...

Good one Goerge

Maysaloon said...

Farid Ghadry is not a prominent figure though. Still a good representation of him.

Anonymous said...

George, very funny :)

But ...where is Khaddam?


infinit reality said...

George, I just do not understand why Antoun Saadeh in this group of politicians, with all my disagreement with his politics, I do not think he belong to this group, I do not know whats your opinion about this....


George Ajjan said...

I did add Khaddam and Saadeh is there because I like his ideas, not for the purpose of mocking him. All in good fun.

Anonymous said...

Best not to forward this to anyone

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, this is not offensive to anyone. It is all in good humor.

The government has bigger problems than cartoon headshots with no political message.