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Sunday, September 09, 2007

أكابر ...but a bad choice

This is a photo from the 2nd inaugural of Syrian President Bashar Assad on July 17, after his "re-election" to another 7-year term.

Obviously his wife is quite stylish, although she erred in picking out this suit for him. The cut is too chic, and the style of the lapels as well as the angled pockets are far from conservative (which one would expect in a political context, east or west).

In the photo, he is shaking hands with Najah Al-Attar (نجاح العطار), who was appointed Vice-President of Syria last year.

Once again, Syria proves itself a haven for extremism - if only Syria could be more like the "moderate Arab regimes" of Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. They each have 5 or 6 women Vice-Presidents.